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An exclusive full service Commercial Real Estate lending marketplace for Realtors


Lenders Roundtable is the only exclusive full service second chance lending marketplace exclusively for lenders to bring their turn downs for funding. Do you have a loan that doesn't meet your companies specific loan requirements, or has otherwise died for whatever reason?  That's ok, submit to the roundtable and let one of our 100+ lenders  and  20,000+ private investors close your loan and monetize your lead.


With Lenders Roundtable you will be able to lower your customer acquisition cost while monetizing your turn downs & dead deals. Increase revenue substantially for your company and loan officers. You already have the file, let us close it!

We service the loans you cant fund

  • Just missing FICO score requirement

  • MSA too small

  • Non-viable property type

  • Storied loans

  • Just missing underwriting requirements

  • Vacant

  • Borrowers without experience

  • Just missing DSCR

  • No seasoning on property or down payment

Upon a loan closing a 25% commission is paid to your company! Stop throwing away potential commissions. Let another lender close your deal and get you paid!

Every lender for whatever reason is faced with turn downs everyday. Just because a loan is out of your wheel house or doesn't meet your qualifications doesn't mean you can't monetize the losses! If you are a qualified lender register today.

You will receive a weekly pipeline of your customers and your client always remain your client.  If one of your clients resubmits through the Lenders Marketplace they are immediately placed back into your pipeline. You will always have first right to fund your clients, but if they still do not qualify for your programs we will revert them back to one of our lenders and upon closing your  25% commission is still paid





We'd love to hear from you


We'd love to hear from you

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